The Jonathan Ross Show





The Jonathan Ross Show was the very first production to record at our renewed facility at Television Centre. The show has completed two series with us.

Recording from our largest studio at TVC in front of a live audience, 10,800 sq. ft. Studio TC1, is home to the primetime Saturday night show.

Series 12 was recorded weekly for a three-month run between September and November 2017 and comprised of 12 episodes. Series 13 returned on 29 August 2018 and recorded weekly until 14 November.

Produced by Hot Sauce, the production returned to our studio facilities for its fourteenth series in February 2019.

The Jonathan Ross set in Studio TC1 at Television Centre

The production benefits from a range of new technologies at TVC ranging from 4k studio cameras and the latest in gallery control desks, to tailored ancillary areas including dressing rooms, green rooms and production offices. Our post production team also provide on the day VT editing.

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